About PatLoc Safety Systems

Innovation With Safety, Convenience & Savings in Mind

When PatLoc Safety Systems inventor Pat Young began as a Roustabout in 2001, worksite safety requirements were basic. FR’s weren’t around, hard hats and safety glasses weren’t always mandatory, and only steel-toe boots were necessary. Since then, safety standards have come a long way.
Even with all the new safety regulations and standards, some jobs still require individuals to risk their safety to complete a task. Climbing units almost daily for maintenance purposes, Pat devised a revolutionary product that would enable individuals to safely engage and disengage the pawl from the ground –without climbing, slipping, falling, or breaking OSHA rules. That’s when the PatLoc Safety System was born!
Since the creation of the PatLoc, Pat has continued to think of new ways PatLoc Safety Systems can redefine what are believed to be the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective methods in the oilfield industry today. With those key factors in mind, we proudly introduced PatLoc Safety Systems’ latest product at the 2017 Bakken Oil Product & Service Show in Williston, ND: The Legendary Fire Tube. 
Since the unveiling of The Legendary Fire Tube, PatLoc Safety Systems has continued to grow in popularity and demand each year. We've sold over 3,500 PatLoc products since the company's creation and were even able to purchase a larger space to accommodate for our customers.
Pat young holdin first ever patloc safety system handle saving lives and making pumping unit maintenance safe and easy
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Improvements in the Oilfield  

Our company prides itself on creating products for the oilfield industry which cut costs, increase production for producers, make employees’ and contractors’ jobs quicker and more convenient, and most importantly, facilitate the safest possible work environment for individuals to drop TRIF (total recordable injury frequency) to zero and ensure everyone goes home safe to their loved ones.
Our products tackle two well known safety concerns at the well site - accessing.
If you’re interested in improving the safety conditions on your well sites and increasing operations, please call us at PatLoc Safety Systems!