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The Legendary Fire Tube

The Last Tube You'll Ever Have to Install

Our goal at PatLoc Safety Systems is to reduce injury on the jobsite while keeping cost and convenience in mind. Our latest product, the Legendary Fire Tube, involves revolutionary production and innovative elements that allow employees to "set it and forget it".
Unlike traditional fabricated, low-carbon steel tubes, being exposed to high temperatures and corrosive elements over time won't damage the Legendary Fire Tube because it's cast in production with a combination of corrosion-resistant elements and military grade stainless steel alloys. It's built to last!
Legendary Fire Tube Bolt Pattern tube lasts forever watford city nd forever tube patloc safety systems
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"The Legendary firetube has performed well as of date. We were pulling the old firetube approx.. every 2 months. Since installing the Legendary firetube, we have yet to pull it. Both products are good products and well designed. Hats off to PatLoc. Thank you."


 Operations Superintendent

Kraken Operating LLC

Since Installation of the Legendary Firetube on Kraken's Site!

Why Did We Create a New Fire Tube?

Current fire tubes are known to have only residual amounts of corrosion-resistant alloys which leave operators spending thousands in material, labor, and equipment rentals to replace or repair them. Today’s fire tubes also last only 3 to 5 years on average, and some are replaced monthly or weekly, making their cost effectiveness almost nonexistent. If any issues with these tubes are ignored or simply unknown, they can cause fires and explosions resulting in horrible injuries and often death for those on site during these tragedies.
The Legendary Fire Tube is comprised of corrosion-resistant elements that when combined in our tube make it untouchable for even the worst sour wells with exceptional heat distribution, core strength, and unmatched durability. We've even adopted the same stainless-steel alloys chosen by a team of 12 metallurgists for PatLoc's Legendary Fire Tube are the same used by U.S. military! Although the Legendary Fire Tube is modeled only for vertical treaters at this time, we have taken advantage of its unique cast production method by incorporating an extensive bolt pattern, allowing a universal fit for any vertical heater-treater and its attachments.
The Legendary Fire Tube also has distinctive core supports between the U-shaped tubes that add to its overall integrity and sustainability. From its unique material and design, to its life-saving and cost-effective qualities, the Legendary Fire Tube is truly a remarkable advancement to the oilfield industry.
Legendary Fire Tube Patloc safety systems tube that lasts forever cast in production
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Legendary Fire Tube Patloc safety systems forever tube oilfield maintenance

In Memory of Wes Hermann

Despite its extraordinary capabilities, the Legendary Fire Tube wasn't given its name for just that. On January 13th, 2015, Wes Herrmann, owner of Legendary Field Services and close friend of PatLoc Safety System's owner Pat Young, was performing a routine tube change on a well site's heater-treater unit when a sudden ignition sparked an inferno of fire, claiming his life and injuring two additional employees as they tried to beat the flames down. 
Pat Young and Joe Trupia, PatLoc Safety System's founders, worked with Wes back in 2014 at Greg's Welding in Watford City, ND just prior to the establishment of Legendary Field Services. Our team will never forget his joyful and positive attitude and his work ethic.
Our goal behind the Legendary Fire Tube is to ensure this type of fatal accident never happens again. Numerous employees are killed each year while performing their jobs in oilfields; Wes Herrmann is a shining example of why just one death is far too many.
In memory of Wes Hermann legendary fire tube patloc safety systems patlock
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