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Allowing Employees to Work Smarter, Not Harder – AND Cut Company Cost!
The Patloc Safety System and The Legendary Fire Tube tackle two long-standing safety issues that have been well known in the production side of the oilfield industry for decades. With our products, you're able to provide employees with fool-proof methods to complete their jobs on the well site safely and more quickly than ever before. Plus, using Patloc products not only help your employee with day to day tasks and eliminate safety hazards, but they save your company time and money too! Our products are designed to remain installed and in use for the lifetime of the well, so they're built to last!
How are Patloc Products Installed?
The Patloc Safety System is designed to fit any type, model and brand of oil pumpjack available today so long as it's pre-equipped with a positive-stop safety lock (pawl/dog).
The entire system can be installed in 15 minutes, and uses bolts and clamps to attach to the pumpjack - no hot work or permits are required. 
The Legendary Fire Tube is designed with a unique bolt pattern allowing for a universal fit on any vertical heater treater. 
Our tube is installed similarly to traditional fire tubes, but unlike traditional tubes, its build and material are made to stand strong in even the most sour wells.
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Put the Safety of Employees & Contractors First With Patloc
Every year, individuals suffer brutal and even fatal injuries from weights moving while the brake is applied or slipping off the unit to engage its pawl. By installing Patloc on every pumping unit, you are providing a safe work environment and eliminating hazards that have proven to result in injury on the jobsite.
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