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Pumpjack Lockouts Done Right

The Patloc Safety System uses lever-based technology to access and control the positive-stop safety lock (pawl/dog) for safe lockouts during inclement weather, regular maintenance, or any time employees and/or contractors are on or near the pumping unit.
With a simple push or pull of our conveniently placed Patloc handle, the system eliminates the need for anyone to climb the pumpjack to engage or disengage the unit's pawl. It also rids the need for expensive or primitive equipment used to access the pawl such as man-lifts or extend-a-poles - both which will still have employees beating the pawl out of place with a hammer to disengage.
The Patloc Safety System allows individuals to safely and easily set the pawl from the ground; no more entering the fenced area before the pumpjack is completely secure and locked out.
The entire Patloc system bolts and clamps to the pumpjack and doesn't require any modifications to the pumpjack itself. Plus each system can be installed in as little as 15 minutes!
Patloc Safety Systems patloc model lufkin pumpjack safety positive stop safety lock loto lock out tag out

Why Choose Patloc when Locking Out Pumpjacks?

Without Patloc installed
Unsafe lockouts - traditional methods require operator to put themselves in direct line of counterweights
Requires operator to engage pawl by hand, putting limbs in pinch point areas
Job completion is 15+ minutes longer when approved methods are followed to access pawl
Extra downtime due to traditional lockout method (tying off, man-lifts, climbing the unit, etc.)
Makes the job harder for employees, increasing the likelihood of unsafe work being performed
Requires operator to disengage pawl manually in direct line of counterweights, often banging it out with tools
Minimum of two person - one to control/roll brakes and one to manually insert pawl
With Patloc installed

Completely safe pumpjack lockouts - operators control brake and pawl from the ground, outside the fence
Easy pawl engagement - about 10 seconds with the simple push of the Patloc handle
Faster job completion - using Patloc cuts out 15+ minutes every time unit lockout is needed
Less pumping unit downtime - Patloc makes the job faster to get the pumping unit back on task
Controlling and operating the pumpjack is easy and effortless, no shortcuts to safety
Easily disengage the pawl at ANY counterweight position by simply pulling the Patloc handle - we guarantee it!
One person lockout - Patloc handle is positioned next to brake and power switch for ultimate control
The Patloc Safety System is available for any model of pumpjack that is pre-equipped with a positive-stop safety lock (pawl/dog). Below are our two most popular Patloc Safety System models, Weatherford & Lufkin:
Patloc Safety System - Weatherford Model
patloc safety systems weatherford pumpjack handle housing lock out tag out
Patloc safety systems weatherford countrarm lever based system safety patlock
weatherford patloc safety systems loto fast easy help employees save lives easy maintenance
Patloc safety systems weatherford pumpjack pawl attachment
Patloc Safety System - Lufkin Model
patloc safety systems lufkin model patloc handle housing and counterarm lever based system pumpjack oilfield safety save lives during maintenance
Lufkin Patloc safety systems Handle Housing easy lock out tag out system for oilfield pump jack
watford city nd patloc safety systems lock out oilfield pumping unit fast easy safe
Lufkin Patloc safety systemPawl Attachment and Counterarm lufkin pumping unit oilfield safety
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